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The history of GOVAH Company

GOVAH Co. was founded in 1965 with the purpose of performing authorized services including production, purchase, sales, import, export, promoting domestic as well as foreign companies to join as agents and investments, establishment of repair shops for the after-sales service of various types of BENZ trucks. At GOVAH Co., we are currently responsible for supplying parts and after-sales services for Iran Khodro Diesel Company products, which includes various types of trucks, buses and minibuses, and other products of Iran Khodro Diesel Company as well.


The scope of GOVAH activities includes the following:


·      Supply and distribution of parts and spare parts for various products of Iran Khodro Diesel Company.

·      Provide after-sales service, including initial services, guarantee, repair services, maintenance, and mobile repair services.

·      Supply of parts to agents and other major customers who have contracts with GOVAH.

·      Provide after-sales services to foreign countries that purchase Iran Khodro Diesel Company products.

·      Export parts and spare parts to target countries.

·      Production of all types of hydraulic jacks, dumpers, containers, garbage trucks and other equipment for trucks and light trucks applications.

·      Provide technical and specialized training for different groups to enhance their level of technical knowledge.

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