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Quality Policy

GOVAH Co. , as the After sale service of all production of IKD and provider of engineering services, defines its quality policy as the best services to meet customers’ requirements, needs and wants.

Implementation of this policy and its continuous improvement and effectiveness and process efficiency of the company, is only feasible through continuous improvement in quality management.  Therefore, our organization has selected ISO9001:2008 and ISO 10002:2014 as the basis for quality policy and is determined to maintain it and strive for its continuous improvement.

Implementing this quality policy, our goals and objectives are defined as follows:

- Provide high quality products and services;

- Provide products and services at suitable prices;

- On time delivery of  products and services;

- Provide superior engineering services.

In order to achieve the goals and objectives, our organization has defined and planned necessary and appropriate procedures that are within a framework that specifies our quality goals and objectives at all organization levels and are scheduled to be evaluated periodically on annual basis to ensure their effectiveness.

It's required that the organization strive to promote the quality culture and introduce appropriate and proportional concepts of tools and procedures of quality, and all the employees of  GOVAH are also required to assist the company to achieve its quality goals and objectives by being  proactively involved in studying, having a deep understanding, promoting, advertising  and implementing company’s quality policy procedures.

Trusting in God and by implementing company’s quality policy procedures, we believe that our experienced and capable employees will bring the organization success and prosperity.

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