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Vision & Mission


Relying on organizational values, we strive to become the most trusted supplier of parts, materials and services needed for commercial vehicles in the country.

Declaration of mission and values

Our mission is to supply parts and services to IKD in the form of engineering and supply chain, and at the same time, we seek our own target markets.

Utilizing up-to-date knowledge, we are committed to provide the following substantial items to our customers:

- On time delivery;

- Outstanding quality;

- Suitable prices;

- Superior engineering services.

Relying on organizational values, it’s an honor for us to have a major share and influence in success and satisfaction of the beneficiaries by:

- Perseverance in keeping ethical and legal principals;

- Environmental protection;

- Complying with safety standards in product development;

- Employees Empowerment as an organization asset.

Ethical policy of GOVAH

Being aware of the important role of ethics in implementation of the organization mission and in order to achieve its vision and substantial goals, the following ethical policy is formulated and is committed to be applied to all levels of the organization:

- Justice, honesty and organizational order;

- Create equal opportunities for growth for all employees and respect their personal as well as their legal rights;

- Utilize and observe safety, hygienic and environmental standards;

- Support commercial partners who are committed to the organization ethics;

- Safeguard proprietary information and resources of all beneficiaries and their confidentiality;

- Safeguard consumers’ benefits and respect legal requirements and their implicit and explicit needs;

- Commit to enhancing living standards of co-workers.

GOVAH requests all the managers, employees of the organization, suppliers and beneficiaries to promote, advertise and implement these ethical fundamentals in order for the organization to thrive and bring comfort, tranquility and prosperity for the society.

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