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·        Terms and Conditions of the www.govahyadak.com site services

(Nomenclature: www.govahyadak.com is the official site of GOVAH Company, and will hereby be referred to as "the govahyadak site")

Dear user , please read the Terms and Conditions below thoroughly in order to make the best use of the govahyadak site services. Logging in the  govahyadak site and using multimedia, personal profile or other services of the govahyadak site, would be construed as your awareness and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set forth in this section as well as terms of service usage and services provided by the  govahyadak site. Please note that placing orders in the govahyadak site also means accepting all the Terms and Conditions of the govahyadak site.

Please note that the Terms and Conditions specified in this section, supersede all the previous ones.

·        General Rules

Notice that all the govahyadak site principles and procedures comply with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). Subsequently, the user is obligated to observe the user related rules. Any future changes in procedures and/or services will be updated and published on this page. Your subsequent usage of the govahyadak site means that you agree with any changes.


·        User/ Customer Definition

User or customer is referred to as an individual/organization who places orders in the govahyadak site and/or utilizes the govahyadak site services by using his/her/its registration information.


·        E-Communications

Whether you utilize the govahyadak site services, or place online orders, or email the govahyadak site, they are all processed electronically, and if your request is in compliance with all rules and procedures, you agree that the govahyadak site  will respond to your request electronically (via email, sms, etc.).


·        Privacy Policy

The govahyadak site respects and protects the private information of its users.

The govahyadak site also undertakes to protect your privacy as much as possible, and in this regard, develops the technology to use the govahyadak site safer and more reliable. In fact, by using the govahyadak site you declare that you agree with the Privacy Policy of the govahyadak site.

All information available through any of the govahyadak site services, including texts, graphics, drawings, logos, pictures, videos, downloadable data and all contents produced by the govahyadak site are part of the govahyadak site property and the right to use and publish all existing contents is exclusively secured for the govahyadak site. The govahyadak site reserves the right to prosecute any usage without an authorized written permission. Users are not allowed to exploit and use the product list, technical specifications, price information and any use of property of the govahyadak site, or any of the services or contents, downloading or copying of information, any use of data mining, robots, or similar methods, data collection and extraction tools for commercial purposes, since all these rights are explicitly reserved for the govahyadak site. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password. Furthermore, users are responsible for all activities that occur under their account and password.

www.govahyadak.com is our sole approved website. We will contact you via your phone number and email address submitted at the time of registration.  We won't contact you by any other means other than those mentioned above.  Users can only use the address listed in the "Contact Us" section of the govahyadak site to communicate with us.


·        Order Processing

All orders are processed during working days. Our working days are Saturday through Wednesday, except public holidays in Iran.

Customers are able to place orders on the epcoyadak site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All orders recorded in the govahyadak site can be tracked in user's profile by the order number. The govahyadak site always tries to do its best for shipping and delivery of the recorded orders. However, the govahyadak site has the right to cancel the order or refund the money to the customer, or the customer has the option to select another product.

Users should use accurate and complete information to fill out the order form; obviously the order cannot be tracked or delivered if the information is inaccurate or incomplete.

The govahyadak site is authorized to stop taking new orders or stop selling without prior notice, and all the orders previously submitted would be processed and delivered. The govahyadak site also reserves the right to discontinue the sale of all or a portion of products for any reason such as running of inventory without notice.


·        Cargo Transportation

In case no criteria is specified regarding cargo transportation, the govahyadak site will ship the ordered products to customer's address in proper packages. Shipping and handling will be done by transportation firms specified by the customer (the govahyadak site will choose the transportation firm if in case the customer hasn't specified it).  Obviously, the transportation firm is responsible for safe handling of the cargo and the shipping and handling fees are payable at the time of delivery.


·        Criticism, comments, communications, and other issues

The govahyadak site may have some links to other websites. The govahyadak site has no control or authority over these websites. Hence, the govahyadak site assumes no responsibility for these websites including (but not limited to) their link contents. The govahyadak site provides these links to facilitate its customer's connection with them. Having these links should not be interpreted as any confirmation or connection between GOVAH and them. The websites advertised in the govahyadak site are managed by individuals external to GOVAH. Therefore, the govahyadak site does not provide any guarantee for these websites. Obviousley, you take the responsibility for any probable harm and damage that may be inflicted by viruses or other destructive files due to downloading or usage of data and files which belong to the websites that are linked to the govahyadak site and no guarantee for safe interaction can be provide by the govahyadak site.


·        Agents

Currently, the govahyadak site has no sale or after-sales service agent in Iran. All services and financial transactions are processed through the central office. If you encounter any violations, please inform govahyadak.

Obviously, when we recruit a new agent or open a new branch, it will be announced on the govahyadak site.

·        Force Major

All the regulations and laws set forth in this section are applicable in normal circumstances, and the govahyadak site assumes no responsibility for any force major occurrences.

The govahyadak site is obligated to safeguard user privacy. It's requested that any violation be reported to us through the communication channels listed in the  govahyadak site.


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